Day 1 

Nutrition wasn’t the best for today but I’m constantly working to keep this one in check for some good results. 

It was leg day today! 


Workout consisted of the following: 

10 minute squat EMOM (every minute on the minute) – 5reps @ 35kg

 Lunges (bar between legs) – 5x 10/12reps –  20kg (just the bar)

Dumbbell sumo squats – 4x 10/15reps – 15kg

Hip thurstors (smith machine) – 5x 10/12reps – 30kg — chucked an extra 10kg on for an extra 2 sets at the end of this one! 

Was definitely feeling a bit jelly legged after this workout but definitely know I can go heavier on a few of these exercises! 

Goal for my next leg day is to get some heavier weights on there! 

Tomorrow’s goals = increase water intake (4L minimum), eat better than today, actually go to the gym! 


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